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Product Description

Thermoproofy HR
Thermal Insulating and Heat Reflective waterproofing coating with air filled microvoids

Thermoproofy HR is a ultra-high performance acrylic based thermal insulating and heat reflective coating containing low density air filled microvoids with high SRI value for use in concrete and metal structures thus increasing the comfort zone and energy saving. Ideal for most critical applications like concrete roof, corrugated metal roof, asbestos and cement sheets, ovr pipelines to prevent condensation/sweating, steam pipelines for thermal insulation, solar heaters, railway coaches, oil & storage tanks etc.
In unique waterborne two-pack modified polyurethane (PU) coating designed to achieve abrasion and weather resistance waterproof membrane for roofing application. Once cured it forms hard flexible coating, which provides excellent scratch resistant and resistant to light foot traffic and regular cleaning activity.

How it works:
Conventionally a cool roof coating is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. By reflecting most of the sun’s radiation, Cool Roof can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat buildup in roof.
In our Thermoproofy HR coating design there are three properties which keep roof surfaces cool under the sun:

High reflectivity to reflect away the sun’s energy instead of absorbing it. High emissivity to radiate away any energy they do absorb. Insulation through air filled microvoids that cuts any conduction of heat further from coating to the roof.

Thermoproofy HR is made up to materials having a combination of high reflectivity and high emissivity pigments those reduce roof surface temperatures, thereby reducing energy consumption. As an added advantage our cool roof formulations contain well graded air (non-conductor to heat) filled micro voids which given an insulation barrier further to any heat conduction. This improves indoor comfort for spaces such as buildings, factories, ware house, sheds, food and beverages storage rooms, frozen rooms etc. Reducing energy bills by decreasing air conditions needs, cuts maintenance costs, prolongs the roof’s service life.

Features and Benefits:

  • Water-borne highly cross-linked waterproof membrane
  • Wate based, environmentally friendly
  • Room temperature cure
  • Excellent thermal insulation at low thickness
  • Lower interior temperatures
  • Reduce air-conditioner cost-energy efficient
  • Excellent adhesion to metal, asbestos and concrete surface
  • Non-conductive property saves air conditioning energy cost
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Hard & flexible membrane
  • UV resistant
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Washable and resistant to all commercial cleaning agents
  • No fungus, algae, mildews growth on the cured paint film
  • Long performance life
  • Can be applied on interior and exterior walls, metals and wooden surfaces


  • Concrete roof
  • Corrugated metal roof, asbestos and cement sheets
  • Sintex tanks / water tanks and pipe lines.
  • Railway and other coaches
  • Air Conditioning Ducts/Chillers
  • Galvanized Tin Sheet
  • Wood & Concrete
  • Fabric embedded membrane
  • Steam Pipelines
  • Outdoor Container cabins/ pre-fabricated offices
  • Solar heaters
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Mobile Homes
  • Oil & gas storage tanks
  • Metal Buildings and industrial sheds


Properties Unit Standard Values
Color ~ ASTM D 1544 White
Mixing Ratio by Volume -- -- 4:2:1 by V/V
Pot-life -- -- 1.5-2.0 hours @ 30 o C
Dry film thickness coats -- -- 100-150 microns in 2-3
Coverage single coat -- -- 60-80 sq.ft.per ltr. In
Functional Cure hrs ASTM D 1640 24 hrs
Solar Reflectance % ASTM E 1549 0.915
Thermal Emittance -- ASTM C 1371 0.90
Solar Reflective Index (SRI) -- ASTM E1980 107-110


Surface preparation:

Surface must be free from dirt, grease, oils and other foreign substances. Any flakes of old paint or powdery residues must be scrapped off and cleaned thoroughly by sanding using an emery paper. Algae and fungus on walls to be removed by high pressure water wash or coir brush and apply Bio-Wash fungicidal solution if needed. Fill cracks with suitable crack filling chemicals and give the perfect slope with micro concrete or polymer modified mortars. Allow proper drying and curing of the repair mortars. For Metal use CORRMAX PRR as a anti corrosive primer prior to application of Termoproofy HR Paint.


Stir the base and hardener parts separately before mix them together. Mix hardener gradually into the base container (not the reverse) under continuous stirring. Always mix the full quantity as supplied to avoid improper curing issues. A suitable power mixer is recommended for uniform mixing of the product. Continue the mixing for 3-5 minutes.

Allow induction time of 15-20 minutes and then thin down to applicable consistency with required quantity of solvent. Mix thoroughly till the components become homogenous.

Mixed paint can be applied by paint brush, roller or spray. Apply 2-3 coats Thermoproofy HR to achieve the desire finish, depending on the shades. Provide min 8-10 hrs drying interval in between the coats.


Once base is mixed with hardener, paint should be consumed within pot-life. Do not apply when substrate surfaces or ambient temperatures are below the dew point. Material and the substrate temperature should be above 10 o C and below 50 o C before use. Application on direct sunlight and windy situation may affect the paint performance cleaning Clean all tools and spillage of paint with water immediately after application.


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