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Extreme Performance Nano-coating Systems

Product Description

Banzai Roofy Proofy 2k is a two-component, nano-architectured, clear top-coating system designed to provide 3-5 years of surface durability in a single application and drastically cutdown on-going maintenance needs with easy to clean surface properties.


Banzai Roofy Proofy 2k is used across industries-with heavy application across assets types in: Industrial, Engineering Equipment, Automobiles-Heavy, Light Construction, Architecture


Concrete & Bricks
Limestone & Masonry Surfaces
Mortar & Stucco
Natural Stones
Asbestos Sheet


  • Durability of 3+ years in a single application
  • Environmental Protection for colour retention
  • Humidity and Corrosion Resistance
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface properties
  • A very easy-to-apply coating
  • Great waterproofing Abilities

Key Approvals/Standards:

ASTM G115, ASTM G154, ASTM D4587, ASTM D3363, ASTM D4060, ASTM B117, ASTM D2794, ISO 2812- 2, ASTM D4752.


Appearance : Liquid, Colourless
Packaging: 1 Litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litres
(Component A: Component B::1:1)

Storage :

Store in dry area at temperatures between 15-20 degree celsius (higher temperatures reduce shelf life) Shelf Life-6 months un-opened; 1 days once opened Container must be closed immediately after use to avoid contamination from moisture; discard if liquid turns white.

Technical Data:

Chemical Base: Hybrid Polyurethane, Polyurea, Polysilane
Specific Gravity: 0.984
Max Operating Temperature: 80 degree celcius

Coating Properties:

QUV Resistance 100% Gloss Retention (2000 h, ASTM D4587)
Salt Spray Test No rust, no blisters (2000 h, ASTM B117)
Pencil Hardness 2H Pass (ASTM D3363)
Impact Resistance Pass: 14 joules (ASTM D2794)
MEK Resistance >1,000; Pass (ASTM4752)

Application Details:

Coverage: 140-150 sq.ft. per litre (including spray losses)
Dust Free Time : 15 Mins (@25 degree celcius, 50% R.H.)
Tack Free Time: 30 Mins (@25 degree celcius, 50% R.H.)
Handlable Dry: 3 Hours (@25 degree celcius, 50% R.H.)
Mix Ratio: Component A; Component B::1:1
Full hard Cure: 24 Hours (@25 degree celcius, 50% R.H.)
Mix Ratio: Component A; Component B::1:1
Dry Film Thickness: 22-25micron
Surface Preparation:

Banzai Roofy Proofy 2k is designed to be a well adhered, long durability coating if applied on well prepared surfaces:

Completed degreasing of surface, coating will not adhere to surfaces with residues, impurities. 400-600 grit sanding (or sand blasting) of surfaces is recommended for better adherence of coating.

Application Equipment:

Air Spray-Spray Gun- HVLP, LVLP (1.3-1.5 mm nozzle)
Pressure at Gun-29-30 PSI
Application with rollers, lint free fabric, other pads possible- contact manufacturers for details.
Clean equipment with thinner/ace tone prior and post use.

Surface Detailing/Finish (if required)

Use orbital sander to sand with 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 grit Sand papers sequentially.

Use woolen buffing pad @ 1200 to 1400 rpm with a cutting compound.

Go over as many passes as required to remove marks.

Safety: Refer to MSDS


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