Glass Pro

Nano Technology enabled Glass surface coating


  • Water repellent, hydrophobic and dust repellent
  • Protects glass from corrosion (acid rain etc.)
  • Easy application through spraying, polishing, immersion, smearing etc.
  • Optically neutral (colourless, transparent).
  • Curing at room temperature.
  • Stable at varying temperatures.
  • Low Cleaning and Maintenance requirements.
  • Retains the quality of surface.
  • Ecologically beneficial & biologically safe.
  • Resistance against dirt, algae, scales etc.
  • Reduces surface energy of the glass thereby possessing the ability to deflect heat
  • Environmentally friendly product as it reduces use of chemicals and saves water

Area of application

  • Glass facades/ Glass roofs
  • Window panels/glass doors
  • Frosted glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass shower cabinets
  • All exterior glasses
  • Architectural glasses

Test of Coating for water repellency

Once coated, performance can be tested by pouring some water on the coated panels. If coated properly, water should form droplets and roll-off the glass surface and should not spread out into a uniform film.

Performance of the glass coat is excellent due to effects of inorganic nanoparticles incorporated in a matrix, which is a dispersion of functionalized nanoparticles in a solvent base. This solvent acts as carrier in spreading across the applied surface. Over the curing period nanoparticles self-assemble across the surface and bonds with the surface. The solvent evaporates over the curing period leaving only the nanoparticles that form a uniform thin layer of 50—60 nm over the surface by forming a strong bond with the glass. For the scientific reason, life of the coating would be very long, generally able to last atleast a building façade for 6 to 8 years. Each nanoparticle exhibits properties of water/dirt repellency, reduction of surface energy and anti-corrosion.

This glass coat is optically neutral, which means that it is completely transparent and while applied over glass surface, no visible difference observed after on coated surface and due to reduced surface energy, the coated glass conserves air-condition load.

Options of coating to contain functionalized nanosilver that imparts total bacteria-free surface.

Because of anti-adhesive property, surface dirt does not adhere to the surface. It is easy-to-clean and remains stain-free.

Surface becomes anti-corrosive and highly resistant to acidic & alkaline solutions. It protects corrosion of glass due to acid rain and also prevents the growth of algae and scales.

High resistance to scratches & abrasion.


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