nanotechnology enabled textile & paper coating

Product Description

The innovative fiber protection-product, based on Nanotechnology protects almost any type of textile from water, dirt, contamination and stains-whilst remaining totally invisible!

It will not affect the appearance, its ability to breathe, its colour handle and is easy to maintain.

These products are exceedingly water-resistant on outdoor materials; keeping them drier longer. Oil, coffee and other frequent stains belong to the part, if the material is treated with our protective products.

Examples of use

  • Cloth
  • Household textiles (pillow & carpets)
  • Suede/leather
  • Paper, cardboard

products characterists

  • Strong hydrophobics and oleophobics
  • Strong non-stick properties
  • Food Safe (inert)
  • Protection of fibers from adhering to dirt.

other properties

  • Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100-150nm)
  • Permanent (UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion)
  • Breathable
  • Simple application (do it-yourself)
  • Washing and cleaning agent resistance


Simple do-it-yourself application makes it suitable for end-users:

1. Manual: Application by wetting textiles (spraying or dipping)

2. Industrial: Application using the standing HVLP systems.

This Nano coating is completely networked and hardened after 24 hours. The easy-clean effect can be tested after this hardening period

Storage stability

Unopened original containers can be stored for at least 1 year.
Recommended storage and transport temperature: -3 to 30 degree celcius


Manual + Industrial: between 25 and 100 ml/m2, depending on absorbency of the substrate. A quantity of approx. 10 ml/m2 per mm of material’s thickness should be calculated.

advantages of nano coating in comparison with competative products:

Permanence and longevity:

The UV-stability enables functionality for a number of years, approximately the lifetime of the coated surface. Many competitive products are damaged slowly by sunlight.

Abrasion-resistant easy-to-clean effect:

A solid chemical connection with the substrate enables an excellent abrasion and washing machine- resistance-the coating adheres to the fibres until it is destroyed by external influence. Many competitive products ae now washing machine resistant.

Washing agent stability

The product is washing agent-resistant.
Many competitive products must be re-apllied after cleaning textiles.


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